Friday, March 7, 2008


Coming out from behind all the boxes just for a moment to say that my opinion of packing has not changed. Nope... not one bit. Don't get me wrong, I am excited beyond belief to be moving into our home in the country finally, I just wish it didn't require packing. Sigh... the amazing thing is that we've moved twice before and I still haven't managed to pare down much. I'm constantly getting rid of stuff, but more just seems to seep in under the cracks in the doors. : ) Of course it's all "useful" stuff designated for homeschool projects, crafting ideas, or some other task. So my question then is... why am I having to pack it all??? Shouldn't it have all gotten used by now? I'm beginning to understand the resistance many folks have later in life to leaving the home they've always lived in. What an ordeal... sheesh!!

All that said... can I just say how thrilled I am at the idea of being out in the country again?? No more nervous monitoring of the kids while they ride bikes in the alley or play in the front yard. No more shushing them for the neighbor's sake when we're out gardening and they're spraying each other with the hose and squealing at 7am on a Saturday. Oooo, and my favorite part at the moment? We get to have chickens!!! Has anyone checked the price of eggs lately?? Yikes! So, bring on your good chickening tips!

Well, back to packing!!