Friday, August 28, 2009

Roller Coasters

Well, they say that children are willing to try anything… apparently, that includes roller coasters! We took a family outing to our “local” theme park and I was amazed at my kids’ willingness to try every single ride, waterslide, and crazy food item available. When dad and the two older ones decided to try one of the really big roller coasters, I thought the 6yo might have finally reached her limit. Apparently not. That’s right, my sweet baby rode a grown-up roller coaster that actually spends part of its time UNDERGROUND! Being the good mom, I declined to accompany them so as to document such an important occasion. Otherwise, I would have gone… really.

The amount of trust my baby girl had in her daddy to keep her safe, and the way that she was willing to try something so full of unknowns for her, made me think of the way we’re instructed to come to Christ as children, with childlike faith. Too often we let life experiences destroy our ability to trust and our willingness to try something unknown. It makes me wonder just how much we miss out on because we’re too proud to act like a child.

Go do something today… something scary and unfamiliar, and do it with the complete faith of a child.