Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back Again...

Apparently I approach blogging like I do housecleaning. In random spurts. I'll try to do better.

We had a wonderful Christmas, even with our crazy schedule of driving to visit family (2.5hrs each way). We arrived back home around 3am Christmas morning, and promptly sent the kids to bed before they realized that it was Christmas and technically we could be opening gifts. We woke them around 9am for a bacon and egg breakfast before the gifting began.

This year was again declared the "best Christmas ever" by all three kiddos, and I would have to agree. The generosity and love that went into each gift was unmatched. This year the kids all bought (with their own money) and wrapped gifts for each other. There's something truly magical about watching a young gift-giver giggle and tremble while their gift is opened. It's hard to decide who's more excited about the whole thing.

Another highlight of our Christmas this year was getting to see the drive-through nativity that our church put on. It was a huge event for the community and such a blessing to see so many people involved in reaching out to tell the true Christmas story.

Time to start 2008 resolutions if you haven't already... only 4 days left!

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