Saturday, January 5, 2008

Integrity Update

Today's return went very smoothly, despite the long Saturday lines. The same folks were working the service counter, so they all gave me a befuddled stare as I approached the counter with two more sinks. After explaining the latest development in our sink adventure, they were convinced that I must have benefited from some kind of Post New Year's Eve Bash warehouse packing. We all made notes to make sure to place orders around the holidays in the future so as to benefit from this corporate syndrome. ;)

Alas, all good things must come to an end...

The very helpful gal explained that our safest bet was probably just to cancel the entire order and she issued us a refund in the form of a gift/cash card. We will use this to place a new order for the correct sink online. However, she said to wait and that if we were to get the correct sink in the next day or two to just bring back the cash card and she would give us actual cash and we'd chalk the whole thing up to customer service. So... maybe this isn't the end of this story... but I know two things for sure -- 1) my integrity is safely intact, and 2) that the service counter folks at our local warehouse store will forever call me "the sink lady"!! :)

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