Monday, September 14, 2009

Back to School

Or, more accurately, back to the table. Being homeschoolers, we have the joy and privilege to journey through education together… and believe me, some days I learn more than the kids do! It also means that we get to do “school work” year round, giving us a more flexible schedule overall. That said, this week we got back into the more structured swing of things in preparation for the official school year as well as in anticipation of starting back up with the outreach program through our local school, where the kids get to go once a week to their own “homeschoolers only” campus to take classes like Pottery, Spelling Bee, Irish Dance, and Leatherworks. More on the excitement of that day later.
About half of the day today was spent on arranging school “spaces”, and the other half on… taking them down. Well, not really, but it’s hard for this mom to curb such enthusiasm about customizing one’s space when I spent a whole day on my F.A.M.I.L.Y. project. We also discussed other joys of homeschooling, such as having company on the chair next to you. Can you imagine the chaos in a classroom if every kid brought a blanket and a kittie? Yeeps!

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