Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Birthday!

Wow! I can't believe that's it's my birthday already. The entire youth group sang to me last night and of course lots of church friends made a point of calling me "old lady". I guess because I'm finally 30 and most of them have known me since I was 19 and getting married. Most women can't seem to stand big birthdays, but this one feels good to me. I guess "twenty-something" always sounds so young when you've got three kids and the oldest is 9.

Plus... I think we earn our birthdays. I can't imagine ever lying about my age. First of all, you just eventually end up looking like a really OLD 29 (or whatever age you're pretending to be), second, no one ever really believes you, and third, I think lying about your age is like discounting everything that God has done in your life that year. I am thankful for all the years He has given me and what He has accomplished in me -- why would I want to take that away??

Just some reflective birthday thoughts... :)

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